About Us                                                                  “We Focus on Agriculture”


In 1969, we expanded our farming and ranching experience by becoming licensed to sell life insurance on a part time basis. This led into the health insurance arena and then also to include car, home, property and liability insurance in our offering for our customers. Hail insurance had become a popular, seasonal coverage among our farmer clients, so when crop insurance was opened by FCIC  to be serviced by private insurance companies, we got in on the ground floor.


Many changes have taken place since 1981, basically because of input from people who were deeply involved in agriculture, and fully realized what was required to fill the needs of a growing, changing world of farming. We are proud to have been a part of this revolution of improvements made to the “safety net for financial risks of agriculture”.


Time and technology have changed the way that we operate any business. Global Positioned Satellites are now used to direct activity for agriculture. We are developing a GPS service to help farmers “micro-manage” their operation; to map fields, vary the rate and blend of fertilizer to balance soil nutrients with the crop need, guide the spray equipment, planter or tillage tool to eliminate skips and overlaps, record the yield as you harvest through the field, etc. Nothing different, except 50 years ago, it was done from the farmer’s memory, now it’s done from the computer’s memory.