Computer Software


We are the distributor for EASY-FARM Software in the Midwest. It was developed by a group of farmers in the Minot, North Dakota area in the mid 1980’s. It has stood that “test of time” that eliminates so many new methods.


The term, “Easy-Farm” applies to this creation because of its ease to operate. It is a single entry system, i.e., you make the entry only one time, and the figures are distributed through the records to the appropriate places, both to the accounting portion and the farm record / management section.

You can print out over 100 different reports of your choosing, on a moments notice. These include:


Cash Flow         

Income & Expense Statement

Payroll Account Report            

Loan Activity

Financial Statement                 

Schedule F

Chemical Report                      

Fertilizer Report

Custom Work Report                

Landlord Report

Crop Insurance Report

Crop & Field Analysis Report

Production Records by crop, farm  

EPA requirements for chemicals


and many more



The Cattle Manager Commercial and the Cattle Manager Purebred / Registered Software programs are for the Cow / Calf operators that want to keep individual records of the cow / calf performance and genetic lines of the herd. Progeny Reports can be run on both dams and sires.


No accounting experience is necessary. These programs are written for you and your operation, not simply a generic accounting program that you have to adapt to.


There is free tech support for all current or updated versions. There also is a 90 Day Money Back guarantee on each software program when purchased.