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July 21, 2003

The “Harvest Price” for RA (Revenue Assurance) on the 2003 wheat crop has just been released. It is $3.00. This price, in effect, boosts your guaranteed bushels by a factor of 1.243. Example: if your guarantee per acre was 31 by the standard way, this would boost your guarantee to 38.5 bushels @ $3.00. If you have any questions, give me a call at 800-875-6191.


July 5, 2003

Harvest is nearing completion here in the Council Grove area. The Spring planted crops are looking great; the heat is making them grow since we have ample moisture for the present.

I attended, and participated in, a Crop Insurance hearing arranged by RMA in Topeka last week. Ross Davidson, the Chairman of the Department for FCIC, was there to conduct the hearing. I must say, I was very favorably impressed with his actions and procedures. He wore jeans just like you and I, and he listened and asked questions to be sure that he understood what each of us was bringing to his attention for the future of crop and livestock insurance.

I presented my views about 3 topics that I would like to see changed:

·        Interest accruing on premium when there is a claim pending

·        Taking premium from a claim for all policies in force

·        Recording the crop “produced” but not harvested due to damage from hail, etc.

If you have any questions or comments give me a call 800-875-6191.  Thanks, Don.